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Sketch-based Interfaces

Sketch-based 3D Shape Modeling from Sparse Point Clouds

Skeleton2Stroke: Interactive Stroke Correspondence Editing with Pose Features

Sketch-based Anime Hairstyle Editing with Generative Inpainting

Sketch2VF: Sketch-Based Flow Design with Conditional Generative Adversarial Network

dualFace: Two-Stage Drawing Guidance for Freehand Portrait Sketching

Sketch-Based Human Motion Retrieval via Shadow Guidance

Sketch2Bento: Sketch-based Arrangement Guidance for Lunch Boxes

Sketch2Domino: Interactive Chain Reaction Design and Guidance
Augmented Human

AugLimb: Compact Robotic Limb for Human Augmentation(to appear)

xLimb: Wearable Robot Arm with Storable and Extendable Mechanisms(AH21)

NaviChoker: Augmenting Pressure Sensation via Pneumatic Actuator(AH21)

xBalloon: Animated Objects with Balloon Plastic Actuator(AH21)

BPActuators: Lightweight and Low-Cost Soft Actuators by Balloons and Plastics(RoboSoft21)

xClothes: Augmenting Human Thermoregulation Using Shape Changing Clothes(AH20)

EgoSpace: Augmenting Egocentric Space by Wearable Projector(AHs20)

xTail: Augmenting Human With a Tail(AH19)
Human-AI Interaction

Hierarchical Visual Interface for Educational Video Retrieval and Summarization

Perceptual Font Manifold from Generative Model(NICO19)

Selfie Guidance System in Good Head Postures(IUI18w)
Spatial Creativity Support

Skeleton-Based Interactive Fabrication for Large-Scale Newspaper Sculpture

Learning Rubik's Cube through User Operation History

Interactive Dance Support System Using Spatial Augmented Reality

Body2Particles: Designing Particle Systems Using Body Gestures

BalloonFAB: Digital Fabrication of Large-Scale Balloon Art

Interactive Projection System for Calligraphy Practice

Visual Feedback for Core Training with 3D Human Shape and Pose
Physics Simulation (Data-Driven)

Precomputed Panel Solver for Aerodynamics Simulation

Pattern-guided simulations of immersed rigid bodies

Stochastic Modeling of Immersed Rigid-body Dynamics

Free Fall Motion Synthesis

Realistic Motion Simulations of Objects in Free Fall

Real-time simulation of lightweight rigid bodies