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Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences

The Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences
 – for those seeking to pursue science, technology and innovation in an integrated environment

The Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences established in 2018 in collaboration with Kanazawa University, consists of collaborative educational courses to educate those who pursue science, technology and innovation. The goals are to establish a new scientific paradigm by integrating multiple disciplines while providing students with the opportunity to acquire scientific insights and the state-of-the-art technology, develop an integrated and comprehensive perspective, and grow as creative individuals by exposing them to various specializations and values.

We live in a complex and rapidly changing world where the future is difficult to predict. In such environment, the pursuit of a single discipline alone will neither adequately equip students with abilities to flexibly deal with sudden changes nor increase their value in the job market. It is necessary that students, upon acquiring specific expertise, learn how to integrate multiple disciplines and collaborate with scientists and engineers from different backgrounds to utilize insights from various fields. Transdisciplinary sciences can give rise to new innovations and scientific disciplines because we live in an era with ever-deepening scientific insights. Students will grow as individuals who can identify and solve fresh problems and challenges by studying side by side with peers who have diverse backgrounds under instructors from another university specializing in different disciplines. The collaborative educational courses are offered by instructors from JAIST and Kanazawa University. These instructors, are working on cutting-edge research with clear understanding of transdisciplinary sciences. JAIST, a graduate school pursuing advanced education and research, and Kanazawa University, a comprehensive university located nearby, are both national institutions. We will take advantage of our respective “strengths” to provide guidance to students for their learning and research in “transdisciplinary sciences”.

The Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences, as a framework for creating a systematic learning and research environment, offers Ⅰ: Life Innovation; II: Green Innovation; and III: System Innovation. Students are encouraged to pursue these innovation challenges, study under a curriculum designed to lead solutions to a variety of issues, and carry out research to gain new insights and create new innovations in the field of science for the betterment of society.

Students are encouraged to study and research under the guidance of the supervisors, aiming to acquire a degree in “Transdisciplinary Sciences” which is available only in Japan.

Please note that the Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences is a collaborative educational courses that requires students to acquire at least 10 credit units from Kanazawa University. For this reason, we provide students with various types of support, including financial assistance, to ease them into their academic life and keep them motivated.

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Faculty member list