Career Support

There are various events for supporting career formation and job hunting conducted by the Career Support Office. The basic year-round schedule is shown below.
Events marked with "*" are conducted in English, but most other events are conducted in Japanese. Many Japanese companies require applicants to have high Japanese language skills, which are essential for job hunting in Japan.careersupport_schedule_英.jpg

Preparation Seminars for Job hunting

Various kinds of prep seminars are held occasionally on campus with professional recruiting consultants. Students can attend these seminars for free and learn basic knowledge about job hunting without time or financial commitments.

Financial aid

There is the grant system to subsidize a portion of travel expenses and language exam fees (for international students). Students can attend many job hunting events to help pursue their chosen career path.

Career Counseling

Counseling by licensed career development counselors and by professors in charge of career assessment is available. Students can freely consult about things like future career plans and how to conduct job hunting.

SPI Mock Exam

An SPI mock exam is offered for students about six times a year. Students can take the exam for free as many times as they want to prepare for the real SPI test, which companies commonly use to screen applicants.


For the purpose of fostering students who can consider their career path independently and develop more career awareness, we encourage students to do an internship. It will also help them define their career direction before entering the workforce. There is some information about internships on the JAIST Career Support homepage.

Job interview training

Job interview training is held with professional recruiting consultants. The job interview is the biggest hurdle of the screening process. Students can practice individual, group, and group discussion-style interviews in the mock interview training. It is a good opportunity for students to prepare for an actual interview.

Corporate Seminar on Campus

We host a career fair with about 100 companies that are interested in hiring JAIST students. Individual corporate seminars are also possible. Students can learn about various industries and job fields on campus without time or financial commitments.

Career Service Office – Reference Room

The Reference Room provides job-related resources such as job postings, newspapers, economic press (Keizai Shimbun), Japan Company Handbook, Companies’ Yearbooks and so on. Some books can be borrowed. Students can utilize the reference room 24 hours a day to obtain a variety of employment information.

JAIST’s unique Career Support System

Our unique Career Support System has various functions which enable students to search for job openings (applying with either a school recommendation or on their own), view videos of guidance seminars, read reports of company interviews, check company profiles, and other resources.

JAIST Original Resume

Original resumes with the JAIST logo are sold in the campus convenience store. It is customized for students’ job hunting activities and has a space for students to write and introduce their research contents.

Tokyo Satellite Facility

When you go to Tokyo for job hunting, you can use a computer, a printer, and a lounge in the Tokyo satellite facility, which is located on the 19th floor of the Shinagawa Intercity Building A, from the Konan Exit (east exit) of Shinagawa station. The Tokyo satellite facility can be used as a base for job hunting when you search and gather information about career opportunities.