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Mr. CHIANG, Hua Ko,Human Life Design Area,received the JSSD Encouragement Prize in the 3rd Branch.

Mr. CHIANG, Hua Ko,(the first year doctral student in Nagai Lab. of Human Life Design Area) received the JSSD Encouragement Prize in the 3rd Branch.

JSSD Encouragement Prize in the 3rd Branch is the award which the JSSD (Japanese Society for the Science of Design) recognizes student's excellent design research and creative work.

■Date Awarded
March 15, 2018

Impact of ECS Design Features on the Performance of SMEs

Mr. CHIANG, Hua Ko provided a media design which would realize a comprehensive high level of performance through the optimization of time management in business communication. He conducted research comparing currently popular technology with the practical system which he had developed, in order to clarify what features could effectively solve the various issues affecting business communication, in his search to build an even better such system.

It is my great honour to receive the JSSD Encouragement Prize in the 3rd Branch. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped me during this study. My deepest gratitude goes first to Professor Nagai, my supervisor, for her constant encouragement, support, and guidance. Second, I would like to express Assistant Professor Zelaya, who has offered me valuable suggestions in the academic studies. Last but not least, my thanks would go to my beloved family for their support, love, and encouragement.


April 9, 2018