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Ms. FANG, Yuan, Security and Networks Area, received Student Paper Award in The 11th Asia Lighting Conference in Kobe University. (ALC 2018)

Ms. FANG, Yuan, (2rd year doctoral student in LIM Lab. of Security and Networks Area), received Student Paper Award in The 11th Asia Lighting Conference in Kobe University. (ALC 2018)

The ALC is formerly known as the lighting conference of CJK, which was an international academic conference jointly organized by the China Illuminating Engineering Society(CIES), Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan(IEIJ) and Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers(KIIEE). The conference began in 2008, once a year, hosted by China, Japan and South Korea in rotation. With the continuous development and growth of China-Japan-Korea lighting conference, in order to better strengthen academic exchanges in the field of lighting in Asia, the organization committees of China, Japan, and Korea thoroughly discussed the proposal of ALC, and unanimously approved in 2016 to officially change the conference's name to "Asian Lighting Conference".

■Date Awarded
September 14, 2018

Towards Smart Lighting Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are complex systems with depth collaboration of computation, communications, and control (3C) technology. CPS is widely used in the fields of industrial production, smart city, smart transportation, smart health and so on. Smart lighting is a typical CPS application in the IoT society which connects people, things, and the environment, especially in LED age. Modeling of smart lighting is a crucial point for developing the smart home. In this paper, we address the smart lighting modeling with the novel simple and proximate time model (SPTimo). Using the preliminary design of the SPTimo, a smart lighting model with energy savings and human comfort features based on the overall needs of smart home is given.

I am humbled, honored and grateful to have been selected as a recipient of the 11th Asia Lighting Conference (ALC 2018) Student Paper Award. I would like to thank the Asia Lighting Conference for organizing this great conference. My deepest gratitude goes to my supervisors Assoc. Prof. Yuto Lim and Prof. Yasuo Tan and for all their support, motivation and guidance for me to believe in myself and to do the best in my research. At last, a special appreciation to my family for their continuous support. Hopefully this award will motivate me to do better in my research work.


September 26, 2018