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Ms. MAWALIM, Candy Olivia, Human Life Design Area, received Student Paper Award in NCSP'19

Ms. MAWALIM, Candy Olivia (2nd year master's student in Unoki Lab. of Human Life Design Area), received Student Paper Award in NCSP'19.

The 2019 RISP International Workshop on Nonlinear Circuits, Communications and Signal Processing (NCSP'19) was held at Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, March 4 -7, 2019. This workshop is open to researchers from all over the world. In particular, the organizing committee encourages students to present their preliminary results that are not necessarily ready for publications in technical journals.

■Date Awarded
March 7, 2019

Candy Olivia Mawalim and Masashi Unoki

Feasibility of audio information hiding using linear-time variant IIR filter based on cochlear delay

Cochlear delay (CD) characteristics are one of the psychoacoustic concepts which can be utilized to achieve the imperceptible aspect of audio information hiding technique. However, in the previous blind method, the phase shift keying (PSK) technique was used and caused drastically phase changing which implies to perceptible inserted information. For solving this issue, we tried to implement this concept in linear time-variant (LTV) system. The objective tests for checking the imperceptibility aspect (PEAQ and LSD) and for checking data payload (bit detection rate (BDR)) were carried out to evaluate our proposed method. Our experimental result confirmed the feasibility of utilizing the CD-based audio information hiding in the LTV system. Besides, the detection performance is better with regards to both imperceptibility and data payload aspects compared with the previous blind method.

I am so grateful to receive the Student Paper Award in NCSP'19. I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to all colleagues who have supported me, especially my supervisor, Prof. Masashi Unoki. Without their excellent guidance, it would be impossible to obtain such kind of honor. I hope this award can become a stepping stone in becoming a good researcher.

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March 13, 2019