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Ms. LUONG received Best Presentation Award in 12th International Conference on Education Technology and Computers(ICETC2020)

Ms. LUONG, Thao Thanh (2nd-year doctoral student in Kim lab of Human Life Design Area) received Best Presentation Award in 12th International Conference on Education Technology and Computers(ICETC2020).

It is a comprehensive conference which focuses on Education Technology and Computers. The main theme of the conference is to address and deliberate on the latest technical status and recent trends in the research and applications of Education Technology and Computers. The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for the scientists, engineers, industrialists, scholars and other professionals from all over the world to interact and exchange their new ideas and research outcomes in related fields and develop possible chances for future collaboration. The conference is also aimed at motivating the next generation of researchers to promote their interests in Education Technology and Computers.

ICETC2020 was be held virtually because of COVID-19 during October 23-26, 2020.

■Date Awarded
October 26,2020

Teachers' Training Course Using Synchronous Conferencing Tools for Hospitality and Tourism Education in Vietnam : A Constructivist Approach

Thanh-Thao Luong and Eunyoung Kim

Despite its significant damage to the hospitality and tourism industry, the pandemic of COVID-19 indeed has reinforced the needs for not only the hospitality and tourism education, but also the whole educational system of Vietnam, to make use of technological innovations in education, among which synchronous conferencing tools are currently utilized for changing their mode from physical classroom to online learning. This study adopts the constructivist approaches to propose a training course designed to enhance the skills needed for teaching with synchronous conferencing technology for teachers in Vietnam's hospitality and tourism institutions. We based on the current literature to identify the necessary skills to implement classes via synchronous conferencing environments. We also selected and designed learning activities to translate constructivist teaching theory into online pedagogies. Although it needs to be evaluated in further studies, this course design is expected to contribute to the growing literature on methods to improve instructors' readiness to teach in virtual classrooms.

I sincerely thank JAIST for sponsoring my project and my studies, and the ICETC 2020 for awarding my research work. I especially wish to thank my supervisor, Associate Professor Kim, whose dedicated guidance and support have been instrumental in enabling me to complete and present the paper successfully. This certificate is an inspiration for me to continue striving and thriving in researching how educational innovations can contribute to human happiness and fulfillment.


October 29,2020