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Assistant Professor JAVED, Knowledge Management Area, received Best Paper Award in AHFE 2021 International Conference

Assistant Professor JAVED, Amna, Knowledge Management Area, received Best Paper Award in the AHFE2021 International Conference.

The 12th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2021) and the Affiliated Conferences were held as a virtual conference (New York, USA, July 25-29, 2021).
This award was selected by the 12th International Conference on Social & Occupational Ergonomics, one of the forty-one affiliated conferences of AHFE 2021.

■Date Awarded
July 26, 2021

Sustainable Work Opportunities for Drivers' Well-Being: A Case of Careem as Transportation Network Company

Amna Javed, Youji Kohda

This study examines the services provided by the transportation network company in a developing country from the drivers' perspective. This study is set up to investigate two substantial concerns: drivers' satisfaction and well-being. By adopting a purposeful sampling practice, twelve semi-structured interviews were conducted in Lahore, Pakistan. After analyzing the facts, several results are extracted, as motivation is the main factor for the drivers to join the company. The drivers are not the workers at all―they are the users of Careem technology services, Careem defines workers as working-class entrepreneurs instead of service providers only, and finally, Careem treats its drivers as customers by re-defining the role of workers and keeping safety measures for drivers. The created values for drivers because of working conditions beyond the algorithm are indeed the effective value propositions that help Careem to retain its drivers for the betterment of the company and society's well-being.

It is a great honor to receive the Best Paper Award at AHFE 2021 international conference. This award is an inspiration for me towards my future research activities.


August 4, 2021