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The group of Prof. NGUYEN, Intelligent Robotics Area, achieved the highest performance on Task5 of the COLIEE -2021

The group of Prof. NGUYEN, Minh Le, Intelligent Robotics Area, achieved the highest performance on Task5 of the Competitionon Legal Information Extraction/Entailment (COLIEE) 2021.

COLIEE-2021 is the 8th Competition on Legal Information Extraction and Entailment, which includes tasks on both statute law and case law. This competition aims at finding AI techniques for dealing with legal case retrieval problems. COLIEE-2021 is co-located with ICAIL 2021 which is the leading conference in AI and Law area.
Five tasks were included in COLIEE-2021. Participants chose the tasks which they would like to register and submit a paper on their method and experimental results.

■Date Awarded
June 21, 2021

■Team Name and Members
JNLP Team: Ha-Thanh Nguyen, Minh-Phuong Nguyen, Thi-Hai-Yen Vuong, Minh Quan Bui, Chau Minh Nguyen, Binh Dang, Vu Tran, Nguyen Le Minh and Ken Satoh

■The title of the work
Deep Learning Approaches for Legal Processing Tasks in COLIEE 2021

■Outline of the method
COLIEE is an annual competition in automatic computerized legal text processing. Automatic legal document processing is an ambitious goal, and the structure and semantics of the law are often far more complex than everyday language. In this article, we survey and report our methods and experimental results in using deep learning in legal document processing. The results show the difficulties as well as potentials in this family of approaches.


August 30, 2021