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Ms. JANCHAI and Mr. VO received Best Poster Award in CHEMEET 2022

Ms. JANCHAI, Khunanya (1st-year doctoral student in Yamaguchi Masayuki Lab of Materials Chemistry Frontiers Research Area) and Mr. VO, Hoang Giang Dai (2nd-year master's student in Yamaguchi Masayuki Lab of Materials Chemistry Frontiers Research Area) received Best Poster Award in International Chemistry Conference (CHEMEET 2022).

CHEMEET 2022 is an international conference for a wide range of fields of chemistry that began this year and was held online from June 27 - 29, 2022.

■Date Awarded
June 29, 2022

【JANCHAI, Khunanya】
Effect of shear flow on the structure and properties of polypropylene film

Flow induced crystallization of polypropylene (PP) and the role of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) component on the crystallization were studied using PP having UHMW component. A polarized optical microscope attached with a parallel-plates shear device was employed to investigate the crystallization process. The addition of the UHMW component had no influence on the crystallization temperature without flow field, and spherulites were formed. However, the highly oriented structure was detected during crystallization after shear history. As a result, mechanical properties, i.e., Young's modulus, yield stress, and tensile strength of the films were significantly higher than those of the film without UHMW component.

I am deeply pleased and honored to receive the "CHEMEET BEST POSTER AWARD" at the International Chemistry Conference on June 27-29, 2022. I got the benefits of attending a conference to learn, develop my research skill, and have the chance to get feedback from expert persons on my work. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Yamaguchi Masayuki, who gave me invaluable advice, continuous support, and the excellent opportunity to join this conference. Also, I'd like to express my sincere thanks to the laboratory members for their good cooperation.


【VO, Hoang Giang Dai】
Evaluation of flow-induced crystallization for poly (lactic acid)

Thermal properties and crystallization behavior of poly (lactic acid) (PLA), one of the biomass-based plastics, were investigated by in-situ polarized optical microscopy equipped with a shear stage. The results indicated that PLA cannot be crystallized at a fast cooling rate (≥30oC/min). In contrast, with shear history, the PLA chains were crystallized even at 30oC/min. A similar result was obtained also at the isothermal crystallization process after shear history.

I am very honored to receive "CHEMEET BEST POSTER AWARD" at this conference. I deeply express my sincere thanks to the award committee who rated my poster as one of the best posters. This best poster award is one of the first achievements that I have in my research career. However, I must work more and try harder in the future. Lastly, I would like to express my appreciations to my supervisor - Professor Yamaguchi Masayuki, and lab-mates, who helped and encouraged me while I was making my poster.


July 8, 2022