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Research Assistant Professor PHAM, Center for Digitalization Endeavors, received Outstanding Prize in GCCE 2022

Research Assistant Professor PHAM, Van Cu, Center for Digitalization Endeavors, received GCCE 2022 Excellent Paper Awards Category, Outstanding Prize in 2022 IEEE 11th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE 2022).

GCCE 2022 is an annual international conference sponsored by IEEE Consumer Technology Society, and it was a hybrid event held at Osaka (Japan) and online on October 18-21, 2022.
The conference brought together top technical professionals from the consumer electronics industry and academia to exchange information and results of state-of-the-art work on systems, circuits, technologies, processes and applications.

■Date Awarded
October 20, 2022

Bridging the ECHONET Lite Protocol and the W3C Web of Things for Smart Homes in Japan

Van Cu PHAM, Tao XIN, Marios SIOUTIS, and Yasuo TAN

The ECHONET Lite (ENL) protocol, a smart home interoperability networking protocol popular in Japan, has entered its second phase with the objective of addressing the problem of integrating with other service platforms in order to bring services from various domains into smart homes. In this paper, we address one such integration case, namely that of ENL and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web of Things (WoT). To achieve this integration, we first chose to represent ENL devices as WoT Things, by generating WoT Thing Descriptions for each device. Then, after considering the most relevant integration patterns, we settled on an ENL Web API proxy implementation. This approach is compatible with future ENL specification releases. We deployed our solution in an experimental smart home equipped with ENL devices and during the W3C WoT September 2021 Plugfest, the participants reported a 100% success rate in interacting with the ENL devices through our proxy solution, with the time delay introduced by our system being negligible.

It is a great honor for us to receive the Outstanding Prize from IEEE GCCE 2022. This award is a motivation for us to do better in the future.


November 25, 2022