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Senior Lecturer JAVED, Transformative Knowledge Management Research Area, received Best Presentation Award in ICIM2023 & EAET2023

Senior Lecturer JAVED, Amna, Transformative Knowledge Management Research Area, received Conference Best Presentation Award in 2023 the 9th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM2023), and 2023 4th European Advanced Educational Technology Conference (EAET2023).

ICIM2023 and EAET2023 were held jointly in Oxford, England, March 17-19, 2023. ICIM2023 was an international conference on topics in information management and information systems applications, and EAET2023 was an international conference on topics in theory and practice in the field of educational technology.

■Date Awarded
March 18, 2023

The Impact of E-Facilitation on Psychological Safety and Knowledge Sharing Behavior: A Knowledge Management Perspective

Amna Javed and Youji Kohda

Covid-19 has caused uncertain changes in the academic sector, and because of these changes, educational institutions are forced to adapt to the new learning environments that are distant and online. Simultaneously, facilitators must cultivate skills and knowledge accordingly to perform at a high level. By highlighting the value of facilitation skills, facilitators act as change agents and seek to develop ways for proper adaptation. Facilitators play an essential role in implementing psychologically safe learning and sharing environment. Consequently, this study intends to examine all the possible effects of facilitation skills on psychological safety and its influence on students' intention to share and distribute knowledge in an online setting. The research data were gathered from a virtual workshop. The questionnaire was developed and distributed to the participants through the online survey tool. The analysis revealed that the involvement of facilitators has a direct influence on the level of psychological safety that ensures positive adaptation of apprehension, team cohesion and effective measurement of knowledge management.


March 28, 2023