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[August 29, 2019] Seminar hosted by President "About Research and Education Environment of MIT, USA"

Time & Date 13:00~14:30, August 29 (Thu) 2019
Place IS Collaboration Room 7
Subject About Research and Education Environment of MIT, USA
Speaker Professor Erik Demaine and Mr. Martin Demaine,
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of technology
Speech English
Simple Curriculum Vitae Prof. Erik Demaine:
2011 Professor, MIT
2005 Associate Professor, MIT
2001 Assistant Professor
1996-2001 Ph.D course, Waterloo University, Canada
1995-1996 Master course, Waterloo University, Canada
1993-1995 Dalhousie University, Canada
Abstract We invite Professor Erik Demaine and Mr. Martin Demaine from MIT, USA.
They first explain the outline of MIT and then we ask them to answer questions about MIT's education and research environment. Main topics will be the average number of courses per professor, how often do lectures change, number of courses per professor for undergraduate and graduate courses, training and jobs of TA, hiring environment of graduate students (especially, Ph.D course students), the number of graduate students per professor, Doctoral award criteria, master course students, current state of recurrent educations, and finally on-line education over internet promoted in MIT.
Reference General Affair Division 【TEL】0761-51-1055

● Neither application for the participation nor reservation is needed.
  If you would like to attend,please come to the venue directly.