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Degree Conferment Ceremony of March FY2020

March FY 2020 Degree Conferment Ceremony took place at Cultural Hall of Tsurugi Cultural Complex (Crane) on March 24(Wed.), 2021. A total of 285 students: 259 students in the Master's program and 26 students in Doctoral program received their diplomas. The ceremony was held on a smaller scale to prevent the COVID-19 infection.

Each student received the diploma from President Terano, and address of thanks by the student representative was given.

Number of student

Master's program Doctoral program
School of Knowledge Science 0 2
School of Information Science 0 1
School of Materials Science 0 1
Graduate School of Advanced
Science and Technology
School of Knowledge Science 67 5
School of Information Science 115 9
School of Materials Science 70 8
Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences 7 -
total 259 26
Violin performance
before conferment
of degree
Student receives
a diploma

Awarding of
outstanding students

Congratulatory address

Address of thanks by the
student representative

Commencement Speech of the President

Dear Graduates

Congratulations on your completion of the doctoral degree program or the master's degree program at JAIST. I would like to extend my congratulations to your parents and other family members as well as your professors.

I think you have been facing the quite serious situation from early last year by the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. I respect all of you as you have completed your courses under this difficult situation.

As you know, JAIST celebrated its 30th anniversary in October last year. Since its foundation, JAIST has created world-leading research achievements in the broad area of advanced science and technology, and produced excellent graduates.

"The Outline of Concept of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology" made for the establishment of JAIST set the purposes to fostering and reeducating advanced researchers and engineers as well as promoting higher basic research in the field of advanced science and technology. This spirit is inherited in the current principle of JAIST that is to "conduct world level research and education in a rich academic environment and to foster leading human resources who can open a new world by creating scientific and technological innovation."

As indicated in those principles, the promotion of world leading research and the education for students through such research are our most important missions.

What matters most for you from now on is what you can do in the society. Please create excellent achievements by making the best use of knowledge and abilities you have acquired at JAIST.

Today, the world is facing an unprecedented crisis due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. However, I strongly believe that we can overcome this serious crisis and continue to solve any crisis occurring in the future by the power of advanced science and technology.

Together with many former graduates of JAIST, all of you attending this ceremony will surely contribute to the future social development. I strongly hope all of you make your best efforts for the future of the world as well as for the future of yourself.

In closing my speech, on behalf of JAIST faculty and staff members, I would like to congratulate all of you, again. Congratulations and good luck!

March 24, 2021