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Associate Professor Ho's team, Human Information Science Research Area, were selected the Finalist of Best System Paper Award in RSS 2023

Associate Professor HO Anh-Van, Human Information Science Research Area, graduates Dr. BUI, Son Tien (graduated from the Doctoral Program at March 2023, Ho Lab) and Mr. Shinya Kawano (graduated from Master's Program at March 2023, Ho Lab) were selected as Finalists of Best System Paper Award in the International Conference RSS 2023.

RSS is one of the top and most prestigious conferences in the field of robotics. This year's 19th RSS was held from July 10 to 14, 2023 in Daegu, Republic of Korea.


July 14, 2023

ROSE: Rotation-based Squeezing Robotic Gripper toward Universal Handling of Objects

Son Tien Bui, Shinya Kawano, Van Anh Ho

In this paper, we introduce ROSE(ROtation-based-Squeezing grippEr), a novel soft gripper that can embrace the object and squeeze it by buckling a funnel-liked thin-walled soft membrane around the object by simple rotation of the base. Thanks to this design, ROSE hand can adapt to a wide range of objects that can fit in the funnel and handle with {gentle} gripping force. Regardless of this, ROSE can generate a high lift force while significantly reducing the normal pressure on the gripped objects. The embracing mechanism helps reduce the dependence of friction between the object and the membrane, as ROSE could pick up a chicken egg submerged inside an olive oil tank. We also report a feasible design for equipping the ROSE hand with tactile sensing while appealing to the scalability of the design to fit a wide range of objects.

It is such a great honor to be selected as Best System Paper Finalist by RSS 2023, one of the top and prestigious conferences in roboticsc. I would like to thank graduated and current members of Holab, who are great contributors to this interresting research.


August 3, 2023