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Degree Conferment Ceremony of March FY2023

On March 22(Fri.), Degree Conferment Ceremony of March FY2023 took place at Neagari General Cultural Center. A total of 249 students: 217 students in the Master's program and 32 students in Doctoral program received their diplomas.
Each student received the diploma from President Terano, and address of thanks by the student representative was given.

Number of student

Master's program Doctoral program
Graduate School of Advanced
Science and Technology
Knowledge Science 85 12
Information Science 63 8
Materials Science 58 8
Division of Transdisciplinary Sciences 11 4
total 217 32
Ensemble performance
before conferment
of degree
Student receives
a diploma

Awarding of
outstanding students

Congratulatory address

Address of thanks by the
student representative

Commencement Speech of the President

Dear Graduates
Congratulations on your completion of the doctoral degree program or the master's degree program at JAIST. I would like to extend my congratulations to your parents and other family members as well as your professors.
I respect all of you as you have completed your courses under the difficult situation caused by the novel coronavirus infection as well as a big earthquake occurred just at the final stage of your JAIST life.
JAIST has created world-leading research achievements in the broad area of advanced science and technology, and fostered excellent graduates like you.
It is described in the Future Vision of JAIST that JAIST aims to become a world top research university and to foster students through the research who will contribute to the future of the world.
What matters most for you from now on is what you can do in the society. I believe you have acquired many wonderful things at JAIST more than what you can remind now. Please create excellent achievements by making the best use of your knowledge, abilities and human relationship acquired at JAIST.
This January, we had a serious earthquake. I believe, if we can put the knowledge and the experiences of JAIST people into one place, we can contribute to the early recovery of damaged areas and establish the procedures to reduce the negative effects from the future disasters.
Today, the world is facing another serious problem of war. It's a pity that we have no effective way to stop it completely. But I believe building the good and intimate human relationship is the most important thing to establish a peaceful world. In JAIST, you had a wonderful time with a variety of students and professors having a variety of backgrounds. It must be effective to build a global human relationship for making up a real peaceful world.
Together with many former graduates of JAIST, all of you attending this ceremony will surely contribute to establish the peaceful and happy world.
I strongly hope all of you make your best efforts for the future of the world as well as for the future of yourself.
In closing my speech, on behalf of JAIST faculty and staff members, I would like to congratulate all of you again.
Congratulations and good luck!

March 22, 2024