Research Theme

We are interested in CG, especially in procedural modeling and material expression along with the development of interactive systems combining media technology and sensing devices. In order to produce new methods of expression, we employ CG technology and technology in surrounding fields.

Laboratory Policy

Schedule We recommend a student to participate a groupwork for a half year in the first year. After participating in the groupwork, students continue their research along their individual themes. Every student is required to publish a paper before completion. Research Theme The research theme will be determined through discussions. Seminar We hold a laboratory seminar to introduce a leading-edge research paper every week, for aiming to improve one's ability to comprehend a paper and presentation skill. Practical Research We recommend a keen student to participate a joint research project for improving his/her skills.

What areas do you emphasize with your students?

Student progress in my laboratory should very much be a function of proactive thinking. However, it is often the case that students have not yet developed this type of thinking when they enter graduate school; therefore, I recommend that they participate in the International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC) as a place to learn how to work on research. The IVRC gives students a chance to learn a series of processes in manufacturing, such as idea creation, plan writing and presentation, system equipment, and system exhibition, for a half year. During this half year, students show remarkable growth in the development of their thought processes as well as improvement in skills. After participating in the IVRC, students continue their research along their individual themes. Throughout their research, I discuss the themes that students have proposed to give ongoing advice tailored to their individual projects. I believe that a top- down approach in which instructors assign themes to students does not give them a chance to grow.

What is the meaning for students in this area of study?

My specialty is CG technology, which is a fundamental technology that has already deeply penetrated into our lives. Therefore, CG technology itself will expand and improve as media and interface technology. What will be important from now is to consider carefully both how and to what we can apply the existing technology, and how it can be used to improve our lives. The School of Knowledge Science tries to provide education not focusing on technology, but focusing on knowledge creation, including what is necessary for knowledge to be of value to others, what kind of problems exist, and how to solve problems. Needless to say, the School of Knowledge Science not only provides students the opportunity to learn technology itself, but also provides students a place to utilize value obtained from others and produce new value. Students at this school have a wide range of backgrounds. I hope all students here will interact with as many people as possible to improve themselves.

Major employers

Hitachi, Alsok, Canon, Panasonic, Ricoh, Ryohin keikaku, Ikegami Tsushinki,, SONY, DNP, Toppan, Konami,Nintendo,Bandai Namco,EPSON,Intelligent Wave,SO-NET,Rakuten,From Software,Tabot,Yahoo, Hakuhodo Products, etc.