Neural Computation誌に論文が採録

北陸先端科学技術大学院大学の鳥居拓馬助教と日髙昇平准教授の共著の論文が6月4日付でNeural Computation誌に採録されました。

Torii, T. & Hidaka, S. (accepted). Completion of the infeasible actions of others: Goal inference by dynamical invariant. Neural Computation.

To help another person, we need to infer his/her goal and intention, and then perform the action that he/she was unable to perform to meet his/her intended goal. In this study, we investigate a computational mechanism for inferring someone’s intention and goal from his/her incomplete action to enable the action to be completed on their behalf. As a minimal and idealized motor control task of this type, we analyzed single-link pendulum control tasks by manipulating the underlying goals. By analyzing behaviors generated by multiple types of pendulum control tasks, we found that a type of fractal dimension of movements is characteristic of the difference in the underlying motor controllers, which reflect the difference in the underlying goals. To test whether an incomplete action can be completed using this property of the action trajectory, we demonstrated that the simulated pendulum controller can perform an action in the direction of the underlying goal by using the fractal dimension as a criterion for similarity in movements.

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