Human Augmentation Group@JAIST

AugLimb: Compact Robotic Limb for Human Augmentation

Zeyu Ding*, Shogo Yoshida*, Toby Chong**, Tsukasa Fukusato**, Takuma Torii*, Haoran Xie*
*Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
**The University of Tokyo


This work proposes a compact robotic limb, AugLimb, that can augment our body functions and support the daily activities. AugLimb adopts the double-layer scissor unit for the extendable mechanism which can achieve 2.5 times longer than the forearm length. The proposed device can be mounted on the user’s upper arm, and transform into compact state without obstruction to wearers. The proposed device is lightweight with low burden exerted on the wearer. We developed the prototype of AugLimb to demonstrate the proposed mechanisms. We believe that the design methodology of AugLimb can facilitate human augmentation research for practical use.


Video (AugLimb)


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  • 2. Zeyu Ding, Shogo Yoshida, Toby Chong, Tsukasa Fukusato, Takuma Torii, Haoran Xie. AugLimb: Compact Robotic Limb for Human Augmentation. ArXiv, 2021. (LINK)

  • Media

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