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[November 14, 2016] Polymer material forum

The forum is co-held by Society of Rubber Science and Technology and "Center for High-performance Nature-derived Materials (Excellent Core)" . The forum delivers recent results on polymeric materials, especially for bio-derived polymers, nanocomposites, and rubbers. Your active participation is welcome (the attendance is free of charge).

■ Time and date
13:00-17:30, 14th (Mon.), Nov., 2016
■ Place Small hall in MS 1F
■ Attendance Free of charge (no need of registration)
※Neither application for the participation nor reservation is needed.
 If you would like to attend,please come to the venue directly.
■ Program
Time Program
13:00-13:10 Opening speech
13:10-13:25 Introduction of JAIST-Prof. Toshifumi Tsukahara(Dean, School of Materials Science)
13:25-14:10 Lecture1-Prof. Tatsuo Kaneko(Director of Center for High-performance Nature-derived Materials/Energy and Environment Area
"Development of super-engineering plastics using exotic unused biomolecules"
14:10-14:55 Lecture2-Assoc Prof. Toshiaki Taniike(Center for High-performance Nature-derived Materials/Materials Chemistry Area
"Development of new polyolefin-based nanocomposites based on reactor granule technology"
14:55-15:10 Break
15:10-15:30 Lecture3-Assist Prof. Kosuke OkeyoshiEnergy and Environment Area
"Macro-Space Recognition of Megamolecular Polysaccharide by Interfacial Instability"
15:30-15:50 Lecture4-Assist Prof. Patchanee Chammingkwan(Center for High-performance Nature-derived Materials/Materials Chemistry Area
"In-Situ Grafting of Nanoparticles Through End-Funtionalized Polypropylene for High-Performance Nanocomposites"
15:50-16:10 Lecture5-Dr.Ali, Mohammad Asif(Energy and Environment Area
"Environmentally degradable biobased plastics from renewable itaconic acid and their composites with montmorillonite"
16:10-16:20 Break
16:20-16:50 Introduction of Technology-Dr.Toshiki Takizawa(Society of Rubber Science and Technology(Bridgestone・fellow))
"Development example of the elastomer for tires"
17:20-17:30 Closing speech
■ Contact
Research Centers Support Section, Research Affairs Department(E-mail:sien)