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About online lectures

 Dear Students:
Trustee and Vice President     
for Educational and student Affairs
IIDA Hiroyuki

About online lectures

As a countermeasure against the novel coronavirus infection, we will conduct lectures online in the Term1-1 (Ishikawa Campus) and Term I (Tokyo Satellite).
 Online lectures are divided into (1) delivery of recorded lectures and (2) simultaneous distribution using Webex.

1. Delivery of recorded lectures:
  The recorded lectures are accumulated in the lecture archiving system (JAIST-LMS), and students watch them at their convenience.
  As a general rule, each lecture will be delivered after the afternoon or the next morning of the lecture day.

2. Simultaneous distribution using Webex (delivered from lecture room, etc.):    
  The video and audio of the class from the lecture room, etc. will be broadcast live.

Students who do not have internet access at home can participate in lectures from lecture rooms and library.

Each class has different methods and way of proceeding. For online lectures, please visit the following website.