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【To All the Applicants】Selection Method for the Regular Examination of Master's Program (January 8 (Sat.) & 9 (Sun.))

November 2, 2021

Dear All the Applicants,

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Trustee and Vice President
for Educational and student Affairs
IIDA Hiroyuki

[To All the Applicants] Selection Method for the Regular Examination
of Master's Program. (Examination period: January 8 (Sat.) & 9 (Sun.), 2022)

We notify you that the examinations will be conducted online by using Webex Meetings in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This will allow the applicants to take the examination without traveling to the examination venue.

Please note that the required application documents and the time allowed for an oral presentation and Q&A session remain unchanged as specified in the current Application Guides.

* The Online Examination Q&A [Master's Program] is available here.
 Please read and prepare for it.
* We will have connection tests with the applicants a few days before the examinations. Please kindly refer to the document sent by us with the examination admission card for details.

○Examination conducted online

Examination Period Division Type of Examination
January 8 (Sat.) & 9
(Sun.), 2022
Advanced Science
and Technology
・3rd Regular Examination, April 2022 Admission

Admissions Section, Educational Affairs Department