Online Examination Q&A [Master’s Program]

About Webex

Q1. How is the online examination conducted?

A. It is conducted using Cisco Webex app (hereafter referred to as “Webex”).

Q2. What is Webex?

A. It is a web conference system that can be used from a PC, etc.
Please download and install the app in advance.

(PC) Go to to download and install the Webex app from “Download Webex” at the top.
(Tablet, smartphone, etc.)
*For Android OS and iOS mobile: please install “Webex Meetings”, not “Webex”.
Android OS: search “Webex Meetings” on Google Play and install.
iOS: search “Webex Meetings” on App Store and install.

Q3. Which version of Webex should I use – the app or the web browser?

A. You must use the app in order to receive our directions smoothly in case of malfunctions.

About PC and network environment

Q4. Which device should I use – PC or Smartphone?

A. We recommend PC. In the case that you are necessary to use a smartphone, please set it that incoming calls and notifications will never interrupt the examination.
Also you need to secure a stable power supply during the examination to avoid a power failure or poor performance on PC, etc.

Q5. What is the required equipment for taking the online examination?

A. You need a webcam and a microphone for the online examination. You can use a built-in webcam and mic on your PC, however, you are highly advised to use a headset in order to reduce background noise. Please note that you must prepare all the necessary equipment for the online examination such as PC, etc. and the internet connection by yourself. In addition, the related costs (the purchase of a devise and accessories, setting up the internet connection, communication costs, etc.) must be paid by an applicant.

Q6. What is the reason for using a headset?

A. Built-in mic and speakers on PC sometimes pick up the sound of speakers and cause an echo. This could disrupt conversations. It is ideal that you use a headset, and you may also use earphones or headphones instead of built-in speakers. This will also reduce the audio-related problems. Then, swinging the cord and changing the distance between the mic and your mouth while using earphones with a mic could affect audio quality. Please make sure to keep the mic close to your mouth or keep the constant distance properly.

Q7. What are the required network environment for taking the online examination?

A. A stable connection speed of more than 3 Mbps is desirable for the constant concurrently communication of video, audio and a presentation. Throughout the online examination, as the total amount of data could exceed 1 GB, please check your contract and maximum data allowance. Please note that you must prepare the internet connection yourself.

Q8. Is there anything I should know about the network environment?

A. Since a stable connection is important for the online examination, a wired LAN is preferable. As the examinations are conducted during the day time on weekends, the network connection on weekends might be more unstable than that on weekdays in some areas or housing complexes. If you are not confident about the PC performance or the network environment, please consider using a well-equipped meeting room or prepare another suitable PC.

Q9. Am I allowed to use multiple monitors?

A. No, you are not allowed to use multiple monitors because when you use them, your eyes move widely and frequently looking away from the webcam.

Q10. How close to or far from the webcam should I sit?

A. It is ideal that about half of the screen shows your face facing the camera. If you sit too far away, we will not be able to see your facial expressions. If you sit too close and all we can see is your face, we cannot check your examination workspace and it affects the smooth conduct of the examination. Please be careful about it.

About the examination

Q11. Is there a specified format for a presentation material?

A. Applicants need to give a presentation about the short essay submitted at the time of application. A presentation material should be displayed in still images of PDF, PPT or Word by using the function of screen sharing on Webex for PC users or by the function of content sharing (app sharing) for smartphone and iPad users. (There is no page limit. It is recommended to use horizontally long sheets. (i.e. long sides of a sheet come to the top and bottom.)) You are not allowed to display moving images including animations in your presentation material.

Q12. Is there anything I should be aware of during my presentation?

A. The screen sharing shares the screen that your PC displays. Please do not show anything to do with your privacy, the university you graduated from, your supervisors and the company you work for. If you use PPT slide show, please set it display in full screen in order not to show Notes or Presenter View. You are not allowed to use Notes function of PPT. If you need the presentation script, please prepare a printed copy of it. Also, please keep sharing the screen until the end of the examination in principle.

Q13. Are there any requirements for the font size or colors used in the presentation material?

A. No. There is no requirements for the font size or colors. However, you should avoid using small text or light colors as they are hard to see. You should use text in a readable font size and easily recognizable colors.

Q14. Do I need to print out my presentation material?

A. Yes. You must have a printed copy of your presentation material (printed on one side of white papers that both sides are blank) on the desk. In the case of screen sharing problems, we will ask you to show it to the webcam.

Q15. Are there any requirements for pens and paper I can use during Q&A?

A. Please prepare about 5 sheets of A4-sized blank paper with no ruled lines. Also, please use black or blue felt tip pens (excluding highlighters) so your writing is bold, big and easily readable. During the registration, we will ask you if you have them or not. Please prepare them at hand.

Q16. Could I see a printed copy of my presentation script during Q&A?

A. No, you cannot see it. Your presentation script is used for your presentation, not for Q&A.

Q17. How do I share the screen to show my presentation material during my presentation?

A. Please read the manual below thoroughly beforehand.
If you are a macOS user, make sure to access System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab > Screen Recording and allow the Webex app to control other apps. Please refer to the manual sent with the Examination Admission Card or the following URL for more details.

Q18. What is a good place to take the online examination?

A. You must take the examination in a private room with no one else around. In the case of a room with glass doors or windows, please draw the curtains in order not to be seen by others.
During the registration, you will be asked to show your examination workspace with your webcam in order to prevent any academic misconduct. (You may be asked to do the same as required even during the examination.) Also, you must switch off the background blur and virtual background functions. If these rules are not followed, it will be deemed inappropriate to conduct the examination and your examination may be canceled or regarded as absence

Q19. How do I show the examination workspace if I use the desktop PC with a built-in webcam?

A. Since we never omit confirming your examination workspace, please hold up the desktop PC and show your surroundings. If it is quite difficult to move, you must prepare another webcam.

Q20. Is there anything I should be aware of during the online examination?

A. Please keep the following points in mind.
1. Keep the constant distance between your mouth and mic. Talk into the mic.
2. If you use a highly directional mic and do not talk straight into a mic, it may be hard for us to catch your voice.
3. Never make unnecessary big body movements which impose a large load on some PCs.
4. Speak relatively slower than usual to avoid the audio breaking up.
5. The time-lag occurs when flipping pages and moving a mouse pointer.

About the connection test

Q21. Do I have a chance to take a connection test on Webex prior to my examination?

A. You can take the connection test on the Webex website below.
Test site:
We recommend that you take the connection test in advance and check your network connection, device and equipment, and how to share the screen.
We are planning to have the connection test with each applicant about a few days before the examination. The details on the connection test will be enclosed with the Examination Admission Card which will be sent to you from us. Please prepare a stable network environment by the day of your connection test.

Q22. What will I do during the connection test?

A. During the connection test, we check the sound and camera. And a registration rehearsal of checking your workspace and around your hands by using your webcam, and the operation of screen sharing, etc. will be conducted. We also check a pen and paper for Q&A. Those checks will be done in order to conduct the online examination smoothly.
Thus, a place and network environment for the connection test should be the same as an actual online examination.

Q23. What should I do if I am not available for the designated date and time of the connection test?

A. Please contact the Admissions Section explaining the reason. We will do our best to re-schedule your test. Please note that this connection test is not an examination and it does not affect your examination result in any way whether or not you take the test. However, you could be held responsible for any problems that occur during your examination such as connection errors that disadvantage you. Therefore, if you do not take the connection test with JAIST, you must prepare well by yourself. In addition, you must contact the Admissions Section in advance if you do not take the test.

About the day of the examination

Q24. What item could I have on my desk during my examination?

A. Please put away all the items that you do not need for the examination for the purpose of preventing academic misconduct. Specifically, you can have the following items on your desk.
1. One PC, etc. connected to Webex
Examination Admission Card and instruction materials related to the examination we sent
3. A printed copy of your presentation material
4. A printed copy of your presentation script (if necessary)

5. A pen and blank paper for Q&A
Please put away any item that is not listed above from your desk before connecting.

Q25. What could I do with PC, etc. on the desk which I do not use for the online examination?

A. Please put them away. Or turn off PC or monitors, if it is quite difficult to move.

Q26. Could I use a tablet or a smartphone as a timer?

A. No, you can have only one PC, etc. connected to Webex on the desk. You must put away other tablets or smartphones since those devices can be used for other purposes. You can use your watch, however, please note that you must follow our direction, since we manage the time for the examination.

Q27. What time should I connect to Webex on the day of my examination?

A. As we write it in the Examination Admission Card, you must connect to it at the designated registration time and date. (Please click “Join Meeting”.) If you cannot connect to it or the registration does not start at the designated registration time, please contact the Admissions Section at the emergency number immediately. When necessary, we call your number in your application form. Please keep your phone near you until the start of your registration.

Q28. Is there anything I should be aware of when operating my PC during my examination?

A. For the purpose of preventing academic misconduct, please operate it only when you need to share the screen including the correction of video display area and flip pages (excluding the necessary operations in case of an audio or video problem.)

Q29. Could I point to a part of my presentation material by using the function of laser pointer of PPT during my presentation?

A. Yes, you could. Please do not move quickly and frequently as movements of pointer do not react quickly.

Q30. Where should I look at during Q&A?

A. You should look at your webcam. We may confirm the situation, if you look away from the screen frequently. When you use the movable webcam, please set it on your monitor or around it in order not to move your eyes widely.

Q31. What should I do if the examiners cannot hear my voice or I cannot hear their voice very well?

A. First, please reconnect your headset, check the setting and the audio volume. If those do not solve the problem, please report to the examiners.

Q32. What should I do in case of a connection problem, such as losing the connection on Webex Meetings during the examination?

A. First, please try to reconnect. If the connection itself fails, please contact the Admissions Section at the emergency number immediately. You will then receive instructions from a member of staff. We will also contact you at the contact number in your application form as necessary. Please follow our instructions over the phone.