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【To Students, Faculty and Staff members】Message from the President(Updated of May 1, 2023)

To Students, Faculty and Staff members

From May 8, the status of new coronavirus infectious diseases under the Infectious Diseases Control Law will be changed from Category 2 to Category 5, the same as seasonal influenza and rubella. In accordance with this, basic infection control measures in daily life will be left to the discretion of the individual.
The JAIST handling after May 8 will be as follows:

〇 On/After May 8, 2023

  • The "Contact Crisis Management" that was required when a student becomes ill or visits a medical facility is no longer necessary.
  • The wearing of masks on campus is at the discretion of the individual.
    However, The Health Care Center (medical facility) must prevent infections within the facility, so please continue to wear masks when using the facility.
  • Since the space inside the JAIST shuttle bus is highly enclosed and sealed, and may not always be adequately ventilated, please continue to wear a mask when boarding the shuttle bus.
  • For the meetings on campus, while face-to-face meetings are the basic policy, online meetings may be used in conjunction with face-to-face meetings, and it is not necessary to place acrylic boards on campus.
  • The information on overseas travel for faculty and staff is as separately notified.
  • The information on overseas travel for students is as separately notified.
  • The JAIST activity guideline on/after April1 is "level 0" (See below HP)
  • There is no limit to number of people who can use the gymnasium and training room.
  • For opening Tokyo Satellite, please refer to the below HP.
  • The risk of infection increases when eating and drinking at welcome/farewell parties when there are large numbers of people and for long periods of time, so please try to prevent infection again by avoiding close contact indoors by frequently ventilating the room.

Please note that the handling may be subject to change depending on the infection situation.

May 1, 2023
TERANO Minoru,
President of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology