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[December 16-17, 2022] 2022 Creative Society Design Symposium - Envision a Creative Society -

Organized by The JAIST Creative Society Design Research Area (CSD Research Area)

Vision: Designing a creative society, where everyone's ability brilliantly shines.
An intellectual odyssey towards achieving rich quality of life by integrating and transcending science, technology and art.

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Date December 16th (Fri.) ,17th(Sat.)2022
Venue Online(WebEX)
Speaker Invited Lectures

Prof. Sidney Fels, The University of British Columbia, Canada (Video Talk)
Prof. Hao-Chuan Wang, UC Davis, USA

Lectures by JAIST Alumni

Prof. Georgi Georgiev, University of Oulu, Finland
Senior Lecturer, Haoran Xie, JAIST
Prof. Homei Miyashita, Meiji University


Prof. Javad Koohsari
Prof. Chi Yung Lam
Prof. Hideomi Gokon
Prof. Toshiaki Sato

Language English
Registration If you want to participate online, please visit the following URL and register by December 14.(Participation is free)