International Exchange

Information on Study Abroad and Overseas Travel for Current Students

≪Student International Travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic≫

Gathering information on study abroad and overseas travel

〇 Off-campus Research for Major Research project or Minor Research project

JAIST encourages you to participate in off-campus research at universities with academic exchange agreements and other institutions overseas. If you wish to study abroad for research, you are required to follow the procedures for research guidance at the other graduate institutes. Therefore, firstly, please consult with your academic advisor about the destination, study period, period of study, etc.

If you study abroad at an institution that has an agreement on student exchange with JAIST, your tuition fee will be waived as a non-regular student at the host institution.

 ・Grant for Off-Campus Research
 ・Contracting Institution of Student Exchange Agreements

〇 Research Presentations at International Conferences
JAIST encourages you to present your research papers at international conferences, etc., and provides financial support for doctoral students who wish to participate.

 ・Research Grants for JAIST Students

〇 Internship at a Japanese company expanding overseas

 ・About an Internship(Internal page)
 ・Internship Grant Program (For Doctoral Students)(Internal page)

Notice of Temporary Leave

When you leave Japan temporarily and will be re-entering Japan within 1 year of your departure, please submit "Notice of Temporary Leave" to the International Student Section.

The format can be downloaded from the website shown below:

Special Re-entry Permit

Foreign nationals in possession of a valid passport and a residence card who will be re-entering Japan within 1 year of their departure (or by the expiration date of the period of stay, whichever comes first) will, in principle, not be required to apply for a re-entry permit.
When you leave Japan, be sure to present your residence card and tick the column indicating your intention of departure by the Special Re-entry Permit System on an ED card for Special Re-entry Permit.

Special Re-entry Permit(Immigration Services Agency of Japan)

JAPAN IR&C Support Service

In cooperation with Japan IR&C Corporation, this service provides JAIST master's program students and doctoral program students who encounter an emergency situation or a serious trouble with 24/7/365 support during their overseas stay. Please be sure to register this service when you are scheduled to go abroad supported by JAIST.

*Students who leave Japan privately are NOT eligible.

Please tell the International Student Section about the following items by email.
Name ****
Student No. ****
E-mail ****
Application for JAPAN IR&C Support Service
Travel period: ** **, 20** to ** **, 20**
Destination: *************
Travel expense: ***** (e.g., JAIST Grant for Off-campus research)

Please follow the instruction by the section in charge when you receive a reply after your application. Please note that applicants are required to take out overseas travel insurance prior to starting the registration procedure.