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Grant for Off-Campus Research/Research Grants for JAIST Students/Internship Grant Program

Grant for Off-Campus Research

JAIST offers the Off-Campus Research Grant Program to doctoral students to promote Off-Campus research.

Students who wish to conduct Off-Campus research must submit documents to the International Student Section after consulting with their supervisor by the date JAIST specified. Students can use this grant program only once while in JAIST. For the details, please contact the International Student Section.

Application Guide for JAIST Foundation Research Grants for participating an international conference held both in Japan and overseas countries (For only Doctoral course students)

Aiming to become world’s top research university, the purpose of the grants is to give students an opportunity to present their research at an international conference to gain wider exposure through such experience. JAIST and JAIST Foundation expect students to develop the skills necessary to successfully participate in such activities and contribute to society in the future.

Application guide → Download

Internship Grant Program

JAIST offers the Internship Grant Program to doctoral students to encourage students to participate in internships.