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Grant for Off-Campus Research/Research Grants for JAIST Students/Internship Grant Program

Grant for Off-Campus Research

JAIST offers the Off-Campus Research Grant Program to students in the SD,5D and 3D Program to promote Off-Campus research.

Students who wish to conduct Off-Campus research must apply at the International Student Section at least 2 months prior to their planned departure date after consulting with their supervisor. (Applicants of the 3D Program must submit documents by the date JAIST specified.) Students can use this grant program only once while in JAIST. For the details, please contact the International Student Section.

JAIST Foundation Research Grants for JAIST Students (For doctoral students only)

JAIST provides financial support for students to make presentations at international conferences with the aim of fostering excellent scientists and engineers who are equipped with the ability to create global innovations, such as "social competency and creativity" and "initiative and proactivity" which are required of human resources active in international positions, and sending them to industry and other society.

Application Guide <on-site participation> ⇒Click here

Application Guide <Online participation> ⇒ Click here

Internship Grant Program

JAIST offers the Internship Grant Program to doctoral students to encourage students to participate in internships.