Collaboration with Society

Interaction with the Local Community

JAIST Festival


In order to encourage communication between local residents and JAIST members and to promote friendship, JAIST holds the JAIST Festival every fall. Exhibitions on our research activities, extension lectures, and public use of JAIST Gallery and Library, and various kinds of events are organized on campus such as projects by JAIST students and international exchange events, science experiment workshops for the family, presentations by the local municipality and local companies etc. Many booths are open and the campus is full of people on that day.

Tatsunokuchi Festival Jonkara Dance Conpetition


JAIST members have been participating in the Jonkara Dance Competition during the Nomi City summer festival called "Tatsunokuchi Festival" every year since 1992. Competing with the neighborhood association team and the local company teams, the JAIST member team performs wholeheartedly wearing Yukatas and Happi coats.

Nomi City Eastern District Long Distance Relay Race

JAIST members have been participating every year in the Eastern District Long Distance Relay Race hosted by the Physical Exercise Team, the Nomi City Eastern District Association. Our voluntary members run for 10 relays, 11.1km in total handing over a sash to the next runner. In addition to the land features of the Eastern district with differences in altitude, the heat of the summer sun makes the race more exciting.

Wild Edible Plants Picking


As an exchange event with JAIST, the residents of Okuchi, in Nomi City organize a Wild Edible Plants Picking event and many JAIST members have participated in it. Receiving an explanation from locals, participants take a walk in the mountain and look for fiddlehead ferns, fatsia sprouts, brackens etc. After the picking, there is a lunch party at the Okuchi Public Center. Participants enjoy some menu including wild edible plants such as Takikomi Rice and Tempura, and fully enjoy the local blessings of nature.

Rice Cake Making Festival


As an exchange event with JAIST, the residents of Okuchi in Nomi City organize a Rice Cake Making Festival and many JAIST members have participated in it. Participants make rice cake with mortar and pestle, and they enjoy freshly made rice cake. Okuchi Woman's association also offers some homemade dishes like Tonjiru (miso soup with pork and vegetables). Especially for exchange students, together with the wild edible plants picking in spring, this event has been a valuable opportunity to experience Japanese cuisine. At the site, talent show and a drawing are a lottery took place which make the event more enjoyable.

International Friendship Salon in Nomi


"The International Friendship Salon in Nomi" is an exchange event that is held 3 times a year by the Nomi International Friendship Association, which is a volunteer international exchange organization. 10-20 exchange students from JAIST participate in it every time and enjoy a friendly interaction with local people.