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9:00~21:00(*Close for New Year holidays)

Gymnasium Reservation Status
※Please confirm the latest status at a window, because a reservation may be made after update.

The following Date & Time can not be used because the JAIST Extracurricular Organizations use the gymnasium.

As of October 2, 2023

(From October 1, 2023 ~)

Date & Time Facility JAIST Extracurricular Organizations
Every Monday  18:00~21:00 Half gym(A) JAIST VOLLEYBALL CLUB
Every Tuesday  18:00~21:00 Full gym Futsal Circle
Every Thursday 18:00~19:00 Half gym(A) JAIST Badminton Club
Every Thursday 19:00~21:00 Full gym JAIST Badminton Club
Every Thursday 18:00~19:00 Half gym(B) JAIST Dance Club
Every Friday   18:00~20:30 Full gym JAIST International Football Club
Every Saturday 17:00~20:00 Full gym Club Kagoya
Every Sunday  17:00~20:00 Full gym JAIST International Basketball Club


Facility requested rate
Full gym 2,200 yen / hour
Half gym 1,100 yen / hour

※ Rental fee includes: public facility use(changing room, shower, bathroom, etc.), lighting and athletic equipment(net, etc.)
※ JAIST students, faculty, staff members, and Nomi city residents are free of charge.



Volleyball court (2), badminton (4), tennis court (1), with pole, net, etc.
Basketball court (1), futsal court (1) with each goals
Table tennis table (2), sports balls


Lockerrooms(with shower)(men: 1 room women: 1 room)


Reservation in advance is required, so please fill out the following form

Gymnasium Reservation Procedures (July, 2023 updated)

Application Gym   Application Gym

Guidelines Gym


target section e-mail address
Student Student Welfare Section
Student Affairs Department
Faculty & staff Welfare Section
Human Resource Department
others General Personnel Section
General Affairs Department

※ Please add “” after @ (at sign).


  • The gymnasium parking lot use by JAIST students, faculty, and staff members is prohibited.
  • Do not disturb neighbors by making big noises, etc.
  • Smoking in the gymnasium and the gymnasium parking lot is prohibited.
  • Observe the hours of gymnasium use/ rental and do clean-up, turning off the lights and lock-up after use.
  • Wear indoor shoes in the gymnasium.
  • Keep the gymnasium clean and take out all garbage with you.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited. Only drinking for hydration is allowed but not alcoholic beverages.
  • Use of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Any damage or loss of facilities and equipment of the gymnasium must be reported immediately to the designated section.(On weekdays after 17:15~, weekends and national holidays, contact Disaster Prevention Center.)In case of intentional, or gross negligence, students indemnify the damage or loss of facilities and equipment of the gymnasium.
  • Valuables should be kept with users with their responsibilities. JAIST is not responsible for any loss, theft, etc. in the gymnasium or gymnasium parking lot.
  • Taking any facilities and equipment of the gymnasium outside or bringing chairs, tables, etc. from outside are prohibited. Also, bringing and setting of any heavy objects are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to paste, tack, glue or post any sign, placard, advertisement, etc. in or outside the gymnasium without a permit.
  • For safety management, we will acquire entry record by entrance keys and a surveillance camera.