【For students entering in April 2024】


The April 2024 Entrance Ceremony, Orientation will be held as follows.

1 Entrance Ceremony Date : April 4 (Thu.) 10 : 00 a.m. ‐ 11 : 00 a.m.
[Reception 9 : 00 a.m. ‐ 9 : 30 a.m.]
Place : Hakusanshi Tsurugi Sogo Bunkakaikan Bunka-Hall
(Address : 77, Shichihara-machi, Hakusan, Ishikawa)

*Pick-up bus service for the participants is available.
Please check here ⇒ for the bus (No reservation necessary)
2 Orientation
【Students at Tokyo Satellite】
Date : April 6(Sat.)1 : 00 p.m. ‐ 5 : 20 p.m.
[Registration 12 : 30 p.m. ‐ 1 : 00 p.m.]
Place : JAIST Tokyo Satellite
(19th floor, Shinagawa Intercity Tower A 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
detail : R6.4オリエンテーション日程(東京).pdf
3 Orientation
【Students at Ishikawa Campus 】
Date : April 5 (Fri.) - April 7 (Thu.)
Place : JAIST
*Details of the orientation will be announced at Registration. 
April 5 (Fri.) 8 : 30 a.m.
Place : Entrance Hall
4 Class and Course Registration [Ishikawa Campus]
From April 12 (Fri.), classes will be held on face-to-face basis.

Course registration period : April 12 (Fri.) - April 25 (Thu.)
*For the course registration, be sure to complete the procedure through Gakumu system.
*For the notification of courses you registerd, please access JAIST-LMS to confirm the details.
[Tokyo satellite]
From April 7 (Sun.), classes will be held face-to-face or by Hybrid-Flexible Method.

Course Registration Period:
By 5 p.m., April 8 (Mon.) *for courses which begin by April 18
April 12 (Fri.) - April 18 (Thu.) *for courses which begin between April 19 and April 30
April 12 (Fri.) - April 25 (Thu.) *for courses which begin after May 1
*For the course registration except for the courses which begin by April 18, be sure to complete the procedure through Gakumu system.
*Registration for courses which begin by April 18 must be completed using the prescribed form.
5 Move-in Start Date of Student Housing Monday, April 1, 2024 and subsequent weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
6 Distribution of student ID Card Before attending the entrance ceremony on April 4, please pick up your student ID card at the Student Welfare Section, Student Affairs Department (you will be asked to present it at the entrance ceremony reception).
*For those who live in the student housing, it will be handed to you at the Student Welfare Section, Student Affairs Department, when you move in.
*If you are not able to pick up the application before the entrance ceremony, please pick it up after the ceremony.
*For Students at Tokyo Satellite: At the Orientation
7 Physical Checkup
*Only for students at Ishikawa Campus
It will be held at the gymnasium in June 2024 For more information, please be sure to check the email sent at a later date.
8 Procedures and Notices For students entering in Ishikawa Campus.(Link)
For students entering in Tokyo Satellite.(Link)
Contact : 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 → Student Welfare Section gakusei@ml.jaist.ac.jp
2 → Education for Working Professionals Section sate@ml.jaist.ac.jp
4 → Educational Service Section kyoumu@ml.jaist.ac.jp

【Necessary Procedures for New Students】

Please submit the following documents by the specified deadline.

※Please scroll to the right.

Documents Where to submit Format How to submit
(e-mail address)
Personal Details
【For all students】
Student Welfare Section, Student Affairs Department Excel e-mail to
Apr 19(Fri.)
Remittance Registration Application (Student)
【For all students】

* Please attach a copy of the inner side of the front cover of your bank book by stapler and submit it to a collection box at the Student Affairs Department.
Excel Collection box at the Student Affairs Department Apr 12(Fri.)
Student Counseling Service Questionnaire
【For all students】
Student Counseling Service Word e-mail to
Apr 19(Fri.)
Study Plan / Record
【For all students】
Educational Service Section, Educational Affairs Department Log into the Portfolio System to enter your information. Please see the page 79 of the HANDBOOK for Students.
* Portfolio System will be available from April 5.
Apr 18(Thu.)
Registration of courses
【For all students】
Register through the Web Course registration function in the Gakumu System (Academic Affairs System). Please see the notification email that will be sent sepatrately. Apr 25(Thu.),
Request for Evaluation of Credit Transfer
【For students who wish to transfer credits】
Apply through the Apply Document function in the Gakumu System. Apr 19(Fri.)
Study Program Application
【For students who wish to apply for Study Program】
Apply through the Apply Document function in the Gakumu System. Apr 9(Tue.),
Proof of graduation
【Only for master’s students who expected to graduate from their previous university at the time they applied for the master’s program】
Admissions Section, Educational Affairs Department Original document
(A photocopied document is not acceptable.)
Collection box at the Student Affairs Department Apr 12(Fri.)
Proof of Master’s degree
【Only for doctoral students who expected to complete a master’s program at another institution at the time they applied for the doctoral program】
*For doctoral students passed Internal Entrance Examination, the submission of it is unnecessary.
Notice of non-payment request form Accounting Section, Accounting Department 【Only for Japanese students】
If name or address changes from the “Notice of non-payment request form” which you submitted during entrance procedures, please notify the Accounting Section.
As needed
Self-Assessment System for Global Innovation Creativity
【For all students】
Administrative and Planning Section, Educational Affairs Departmen 1. Log in to the Portfolio System (see the page 76 of the HANDBOOK for Students.)
2. Click "Goal Setting" and enter your target level.
3. Click "Self-assessment at orientation" and enter your current level.
Details are available in the Orientation for new students.
* Portfolio System will be available from April 5.
As needed