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School of Knowledge Science

To All Pioneers of the Knowledge Society

School of Knowledge Science fuses learning fields at the cutting edge of “knowledge creation” in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences with the aim of discovering mechanisms that create, accumulate, and utilize knowledge and generating ideas on the design of our future society.

The objective of education and research in School of Knowledge Science is to pursue questions like “what is knowledge?” and “how is it created?” while developing talented people with the ability to discover and resolve problems as well as conceive and implement technological, organizational, and social innovation. School of Knowledge Science provides educational and research structure needed to reorganize and combine the studies from humanities, social sciences, cognitive science, information technology, natural sciences, and systems science. It does so from the perspective of “knowledge creation” in the workings of nature, society, organizations, and the individual.

In considering the direction in which society should progress from here on, we believe that the very concept of “knowledge” is crucial. It is necessary to address the essential questions of “what is knowledge, how does it help people, and how is it created?” With new viewpoints of “knowledge,” and without confinement to existing academic disciplines, our approach is to freely use every means to tackle an array of issues in thinking about the future.

As “knowledge” becomes central to the conduct of social activities, including the economic variety like production and goods distribution, the 21st century is being called the “knowledge society” era. Indeed, with the spread of the Internet in recent years, the appearance of virtual corporations, and the apparent surge of interest in intellectual property rights, high value is put on innovation and the production of knowledge. A worldwide revolution is occurring overall among social systems that treat “knowledge creation,” so to speak, as the nucleus.

For the continuation and further development of mankind, plans to reorganize and fuse the “wisdom” of science and technology with that of the humanities and social sciences—based on human thought, sensitivities, and behavior—must be given a strong foundation within a new intellectual system.

“Knowledge science” advances new scientific ideas, thus helping everyone to grow, take off in society, and flourish. Is that not the first step in opening up a splendid future for the world? Let’s stretch our wings together.

JAIST is the only university in Japan that offers the knowledge science degree. Most of students are encouraged to study and research under the guidance of the supervisors, aiming to acquire a degree in "Knowledge Science". Degrees in "Information Science" or "Materials Science" can also be acquired depending on your research content and career orientation.

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