Research Center for Exponential Biomedical DX (Excellent Core)

Biomedical innovation through DX

The Exponential Biomedical DX Research Center aims to answer global medical needs by developing innovative early diagnosis, drug discovery platform tools and biomaterials for regenerative medicine to realize healthy longevity and a high quality of life. The project will promote the creation of innovations aimed at creating completely new concepts by integrating medical and materials chemistry research, including disease diagnosis and treatment technologies, artificial organs, drug delivery systems and regenerative medicine, with machine learning, digital transformation (DX) and data science. The term 'exponential' has the connotation of a novel technology or concept that breaks the boundaries of performance limits and is not bound by existing frameworks, with the aim of building disruptive biomedical engineering innovations with transcendent, unlimited potential.


*Excellent core
“Excellent core” is a facility to develop its own research activity as an international research base with leading edge research equipment and environment for leading researchers from all over the world to conduct high-level research in specific research areas.