Research Center for Vision Oriented Society Design

Designing a metaverse real-world fusion society where everyone can flourish

With various social changes and technological advances, there is a need for a society that can achieve sustainable health and well-being. To that end, we will lead society by designing a future vision where we can have dreams and hopes and by promoting technological development guided by that vision. To formulate a vision that will spark this new leap forward, we will integrate metaverse and physical designs, which create a future supported by social trends and technology, as well as physical design, and develop knowledge emergence technology to realize that vision. By developing, we propose new directions socially, economically, culturally and politically. In addition to promoting activities to gain empathy for this vision, we will encourage research that evolves and fuses metaverse design, physical design, and knowledge emergence technology.

Metaverse design
A vision that goes far beyond the constraints of reality will be formulated through discussions and inspiration by various people who transcend time in the Metaverse. For this purpose, we will develop Fun Computing, Metaverse space construction technology, Metaverse activity design technology, and network technology.
Physical design
Develop visions and technologies for people's activities, urban design, and risk avoidance based on activity data in local communities and communities in various organization. We will now develop design technology for living spaces and activities, risk management technology, and human augmentation technology.
Knowledge emergence technology
Based on the JST Moonshot Project and collaboration with Professor. Hyota Echizenya, we will develop technologies that support the pursuit of new knowledge. To this end, we will promote research that realizes collaborative abduction between AI and humans through technology that extracts and structures human tacit knowledge and technology that supports emergence.