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School of Information Science

School of Information Science is an unit of faculty for education and research of information science. We aim to cultivate talents who are accomplished experts in information science and future social leaders.

Information science is an interdisciplinary research area. It includes engineering, computer science, mathematics as well as general science to find solution of important social problems using information processing. Typical research topics are security, network, hardware, software, robotics, distributed system, artificial intelligence, game, speech processing, image processing, natural language processing, mathematical logic and information theory.

Characteristics of School of Information Science can be summarized as follows.

  • One of the biggest universities in Japan for education and research of information science
    Since our college is newly established, we do not hesitate to tackle challenges. Researchers of the state-of-the-art information science from domestic universities and enterprises as well as foreign institutes join our school. During 25 years after the establishment, our achievement in the education and research has been highly appreciated.
  • Well-organized and substantial education
    We cultivate truly capable researchers or engineers based on sophisticated educational system and curriculum. an online course material distribution and report submission are widely utilized in many courses. The courses are designed for easy understanding by applying computer and multimedia devices. Our Web-based course system enable students to flexibly and effectively take lectures anytime and anywhere.
  • Top-level facility and environment for education and research
    Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure provides us with high-speed network, computational devices including several super computers and software with high international standards.
  • International diversity of faculty and student
    Around 40% of the students and 20% of the professors are foreigners.It indicates that we carry out the education and research from an international point of view. The faculty in the school usually collaborate with both domestic and foreign researchers, and organize international conferences and workshops every year.

Degrees to be granted
 Master of Science (Information Science)
 Doctor of Philosophy (Information Science)

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