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Self-Assessment System for Global Innovation Creativity

Self-Assessment System is aimed for increasing student’s motivation by visualizing achievement levels of 4 abilities required for “A Globally Active Leader Capable of Creating Innovations” which are social competencies, creative abilities, abilities in the identification and practical application of future needs and global competencies. The Rubric (a four-point scale of achievement levels based on skills, attitudes, talents and etc. acquired as a result of study) is used for self-assessment in this system. Students at first make a self-assessment and set your target level when starting at JAIST. Then Students record their achievement levels in other 6 or more preset occasions. Students are expected to achieve their target level by making a self-assessment repeatedly.

For students enrolled in or after April 2017 ( Ishikawa Campus Only )

  • Please log in at the Portfolio System first and start your entry. The timing of entries and the manual are shown below.
    *It is also written in the HANDBOOK for Students.
    *The Portfolio System is Internal use only.
  • The timing of entries
    Enrolled in April.
    Enrolled in October.
    * The entry in the system is to be checked when students submit a research proposal and an application for conferment of degree.
  • The manual


  • Portfolio System: DL Unit, Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure(E-mail:
  • Self-Assessment System for Global Innovation Creativity: Administrative and Planning Section for Educational Affairs Departmen(E-mail: