Laboratory Education Policy

JAIST considers the research education based in the laboratory as important as the coursework in graduate education. Laboratories provide students a versatile educational environment that can enhance their various qualities and serve diverse goals of their study. The laboratory education provides students with abilities necessary for a series of research processes from designing and implementation of research-based on the acquisition of expert knowledge and survey of relevant researches, the production of research theses, and eventually to the presentation of research. It also aims to foster researchers or expert engineers necessitated by society by empowering students’ social competencies through the laboratory environment containing diverse goals, backgrounds, and nationalities.

The Master’s program

In the master’s program, in order for students to obtain the ability to apply their expert knowledge to problem-solving in addition to comprehension of fundamental concepts in the area of advanced science and technology, we carry out one-on-one or a small group research guidance in accordance with the need of each student. Simultaneously, we train students to obtain knowledge of diverse cultures, communication skills, and high ethical awareness.

The Doctoral program

In the doctoral program, we provide research guidance on a one-on-one base in order for students to acquire abilities to identify a special issue in a research field without losing a comprehensive viewpoint and to apply the scientific solution to it. We foster their ability to achieve excellence in the research processes up to the presentation of research outcomes at international conferences or in academic journals, while respecting and developing their individuality. Simultaneously, we develop their ability to advance the research project with leadership.