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Absence and Withdrawal

1. Leave of Absence

Students are eligible to apply for a leave of absence for difficulties that would prevent them from continuing their study for more than two consecutive months (medical certificate required for medical/health reasons). Leave is normally granted up to a cumulative total of one year during a student's master’s program and/or doctoral program and it can be taken only by the month. Extension of up to one year might be granted. Students are not eligible to hold any student academic appointments or other student appointment titles while on leave.
Students must consult with their supervisor prior to application. The application form (available at the Educational Service Section) must be submitted at least one month prior to the month they wish to start their leave.

The application cannot be accepted unless the tuition fee is paid, except for the following cases:

  1. Application for leave from May or anytime later in the first semester is submitted by April 10.
  2. Application for leave from November or anytime later in the second semester is submitted by October 10.

Partial tuition fee (1/6 of the tuition multiplied by number of the month(s) that student is not on leave) must be paid before the approved leave starts.

"Important Notes of Leave of Absence" Students must read this if they wish to take a leave of absence.

Students return when the leave of absence ends. If students wish to return to school before the end of the leave of absence, the “Application for Returning” form must be submitted at least one month prior to the expected month of returning.

2. Withdrawal

Students wishing to withdraw from school must submit the “Application Form for Withdrawal” available at the Educational Service Section with the remarks from the supervisor, the second supervisor and the advisor for minor research project, and the approval from the dean at least one month before the last day of the expected month of withdrawal.
The application cannot be accepted unless the tuition fee for the semester is paid.

3. Record Removal

Students’ records will be removed from JAIST when:

  1. students do not complete their program within the maximum limit of years for completion (if they wish to withdraw, they must complete the withdrawal procedure).
    • 4 years for Master’s program
    • 6 years for doctoral program
  2. the period of leave of absence has exceeded the period stipulated in the paragraph 4, article 27 of the JAIST school regulations.
  3. students fail to pay the entrance fee by the due date.
  4. students default on their tuition payment and continue to do so after the reminder is issued.

4. Name Change

Students must notify the Educational Service Section if they change their names by submitting the notification form available at the Educational Service Section with a name change certification. After the name change process is complete, all the school official documents will be issued under the new name.