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Curriculum Policies

JAIST aims to develop leaders in society or industry by fostering researchers and engineers with advanced expertise who understand the fundamental concepts in the area of advanced science and technology, hold ability to put expert knowledge into practice, comprehend diverse cultures, possess reliable communication skills and high ethical awareness, understand a wide range of relevant fields in a comprehensive manner, and are capable of finding and solving problems. To materialize this aim, JAIST designs the curriculum hierarchically and systematically to meet the needs of each degree program.

The Master’s program

The curriculum of the master’s program is designed to promote understanding of fundamental concepts of the advanced science and technology without any overspecialization, develop ability to apply expert knowledge to problem solving, foster ability to comprehend diverse cultures, enhance communication skills, and acquire high ethical awareness.

The Doctoral program

The curriculum of the doctoral program is designed to foster ability to identify and solve problems based on solid understanding of theories and frameworks of the area of advanced science and technology, and develop abilities to take leadership in the area of advanced science and technology based on reliable global communication skills, high ethical awareness, and comprehensive perspectives.