修了生のMuhammad Reza Kahar AzizさんがIEEEインドネシアセクションから論文賞を受賞

 Muhammad Reza Kahar Azizさん(平成28年6月博士後期課程修了、情報科学、松本研究室、現在インドネシアスマトラ工科大学・講師)と本学松本研究室セキュリティ・ネットワーク領域)との共同研究の結果をまとめた論文が、IEEEインドネシアセクションから論文賞を受賞しました。本論文は、IEEE Access(インパクトファクター:4.098)において発表されたジャーナル論文となります。

 IEEEでは規定により、各セクションが優秀な論文(単一、又は複数)に対して論文賞を与えることができます。2019年の成果に対し、IEEEインドネシアセクションが、Muhammad Reza Kahar Azizさんの2件の論文に論文賞を贈呈し、そのうち、1件が本学との共同研究の成果となります。


Cheng, Meng; Aziz Muhammad Reza Kahar,; Matsumoto, Tad

"A DOA-based Factor Graph Technique for 3D Multi-target Geolocation," in IEEE Access, 2019 Issue 7, pp. 94630 - 94641

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The primary goal of this paper is to propose a new factor graph (FG) technique for the direction-of-arrival (DOA)-based three-dimensional (3D) multi-target geolocation. The proposed FG detector usesonly the mean and the variance of the DOA measurement including both the azimuth and the elevation,assuming that they are suffering from errors following a Gaussian probability density function (PDF).Therefore, both the up-link (UL) transmission load and the detection complexity can be significantly reduced.The Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) of the proposed DOA-based 3D geolocation system is mathematicallyderived. According to the root mean square error (RMSE) results obtained by simulations, the proposedFG algorithm is found to outperform the conventional linear least square (LS) approach, which achieves avery close performance to the derived CRLB. Moreover, we propose a sensor separation algorithm to solvethe target-DOAs matching problem such that the DOAs, measured by each sensor, can be matched to theircorresponding targets. With this technique, additional target identification is not needed, and the multi-targetgeolocation can be decomposed into multiple independent single-target detections.

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