学生のBUIさんが国際会議DMSVIVA 2022においてBest Paper Awardを受賞

 学生のBUI, Duy Dangさん(博士後期課程3年、コンピューティング科学研究領域、緒方研究室)が国際会議The 28th International DMS Conference on Visualization and Visual Languages(DMSVIVA 2022)においてBest Paper Award:Second Placeを受賞しました。

 今回、DMSVIVA 2022は、令和4年6月29日から30日にかけてバーチャル開催されました。


Integration of SMGA and Maude to Facilitate Characteristic Conjecture

Dang Duy Bui, Duong Dinh Tran, Kazuhiro Ogata and Adrián Riesco

SMGA is a visualization tool that focuses on helping human users to conjecture characteristics of a protocol. Those characteristics can be lemma candidates to prove that the protocol enjoys its desired properties in theorem proving. In previous work, interaction has been indirectly shown as one promising approach. Hence, it is worth focusing on interaction in SMGA. In the present paper, we revise SMGA to provide interactive features that can assist human users in conjecturing characteristics. Furthermore, we integrate SMGA and Maude, a high-performance reflective language and system so that the revised version of SMGA can use some powerful features of Maude, such as parsing, reachability analysis, and model checking. We conduct a case study to demonstrate the usefulness of these features by showing in detail the use of each feature in conjecturing characteristics.

It is a great honor for us to receive this award from DMSVIVA 2022. Firstly, I would like to gratitude to Professor Kazuhiro Ogata for his endless support and great encouragements not only in research but also his experience about life. Secondly, I also would like to thank Professor Adrián Riesco (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) who is my supervisor of my minor research topic, for his kindly guidance and encouragements. Without both of them, I was not able to receive this award. Lastly, I would like to thank my family and my friends who give me the motivation for my way in research. This award is motivating and inspiring me to do better in the future.