学生の北口さんが国際会議TEMSCON-ASPAC 2022においてOutstanding Paper Awardを受賞

 学生の北口 貴史さん(博士後期課程2年、トランスフォーマティブ知識経営研究領域、内平研究室)が国際会議IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Conference:Asia-Pacific(TEMSCON-ASPAC 2022)においてOutstanding Paper Awardを受賞しました。

 今回、TEMSCON-ASPAC 2022は令和4年9月19日から22日にかけてタイのバンコクにて開催されました。


Resource Allocation Mechanism Considering Combination of Exploitation and Exploration in Ambidexterity with External Factors

Takashi Kitaguchi, Naoshi Uchihira

This paper proposes a model to represents the mechanism of resource allocation in an enterprise from the perspective of ambidexterity. The recent years have been called an uncertain era, ambidexterity, which balances exploitation, which is the maintenance and expansion of existing businesses, and exploration, which is the creation of new businesses, is important. Thus, it is necessary to elucidate the mechanism of resource allocation in ambidexterity. However, it is difficult to simply distinguish the activities in a company as either exploitation or exploration. In addition, resource allocation is greatly affected by external factors. In this paper, a model that represents the transition of corporate performance with a resource allocation mechanism is constructed by considering these factors. Therefore, knowledges and markets are expressed by a matrix consisted of exploitation and exploration, and a corporate performance is predicted by the matrix using resource allocation ratios. This makes it possible to explain the relationship between resource allocation scenarios tor exploitation and exploration and corporate performance.

 この度は、TEMSCON-ASPAC 2022にて、栄誉あるOutstanding Paper Awardをいただき、誠に光栄に存じます。御指導を賜わりました内平先生をはじめ、御支援や御助言をくださった方々に感謝を申し上げます。不確実な時代では両利きの経営の重要性は増し、その本質をしっかり理解することが求められると考えています。今回の受賞を励みにイノベーションマネジメントとしてのこの研究に今後も精進し、産業界や学術界に貢献できればと思っております。