学生・教職員 各位

                          学 務 部 長



窓口対応時間: 10:00~16:00

【授業・履修・成績/休学・退学等学籍/研究指導委託/証明書/講義室 に関すること】
 教育支援課教務係 kyoumu@ml.jaist.ac.jp

 教育支援課入試係 nyushi@ml.jaist.ac.jp

【学生生活支援/学生証/課外活動/入学料・授業料免除/奨学金/学研災保険 に関すること】
 学生・留学生支援課学生生活係 gakusei@ml.jaist.ac.jp

【留学生の生活支援/留学生の奨学金/出入国管理・在留資格/派遣留学 に関すること】
 学生・留学生支援課留学生係 ryugaku@ml.jaist.ac.jp

【就職・進路/キャリアカウンセリング/インターンシップ に関すること】
 学生・留学生支援課就職支援係 syusyoku@ml.jaist.ac.jp


May 1, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff members,

Director of Educational and Student Affairs Division

     On Postponing Shorter Operating Hours at Educational and Student Affairs Division

 On April 22, we informed via email that the period of shorter operating hours will be continued until Friday, May 8.However, considering the current situation, we have decided to continue the shorter operating hours even after Friday, May 8.
 If you have any questions during the shortened hours of operation, please contact us via email as much as possible.
 We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Operating hours: 10 a.m. ~ 4 p.m.

【Courses, course registration, transcripts/ leave of, absence from school/ research activities in other universities/ certificates/ lecture rooms】
Educational Service Section kyoumu@ml.jaist.ac.jp
【Entrance examination / admission procedures】
Admissions Section nyushi@ml.jaist.ac.jp

【welfare and guidance of all students/ student ID card/ extracurricular activities/ exemption of entrance fee, tuitions/ scholarships/ disaster and accident insurance for students】
Student Welfare Section gakusei@ml.jaist.ac.jp

【support for international students/ scholarships/ immigration support and guidance/ overseas study promotion】
International Student Section ryugaku@ml.jaist.ac.jp

【academic and career/ career counseling/ internships】
Career Support Section syusyoku@ml.jaist.ac.jp