May 17, 2021

To Students, Faculty and Staff members,

Crisis Management

Regarding Measures against COVID-19

In regards of measures to prevent COVID-19 at JAIST, we announced a message from the president on April 27, and asked for your continued cooperation.
On May 16, the government expanded the "State of Emergency" to Hokkaido and Okayama in addition to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Aichi and Fukuoka prefectures. We would like to ask all those who continue to study in the area subject to the state of emergency to stay cautious of COVID-19.
Ishikawa Prefecture was also added to the areas where "Priority measures to prevent the spread of disease" ※ are in effect on May 16, and we have to stay alert as infection is spreading rapidly due to the new coronavirus variant. New coronavirus variant is said to be very infectious and even young people are at risk of severe illness, at other prefectures people in their 20s died from COVID-19.
Therefore, please comply with the measures stated in the president's message, and we would like to ask each of you to stay alert and continue to take measures against COVID-19.
In particular, there are many clusters occurring all over the country due to droplet infections such as at group dining and karaoke, therefore please refrain from such acts both on and off campus, and do not make unnecessary and non-urgent business trip etc. (the same applies to visitors) to where "State of Emergency" or "Priority measures to prevent the spread of disease" have been issued.
We apologize for extension of the Tokyo Satellite closure due to the extension of the State of Emergency, and we would like to ask for your kind understanding.

※Areas where "Priority measures to prevent the spread of disease" are in effect Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ehime, Okinawa, Gifu, Mie, Gunma, Ishikawa, Kumamoto.