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Residence Registration

Residence Registration (Japanese Students)

Complete necessary procedures at the local public office within 14 days of moving in. You will need a Certificate of Transfer (転出証明書)from the local public office where you were previously living, your seal (hanko),etc.

Notification of place of residence (International Students)

All foreign nationals residing in Japan for mid- to long-term (excluding persons granted permission to stay for 3 months or less) must take the required procedures at a local public office or a Regional Immigration Bureau in the following cases.

(1) When coming to Japan for the first time
(2) When moving to a new residence
(3) Notification of a change of an item other than the place of residence
(4) Certificate of Residence (Paper-based Certificate)
(5) When Leaving Japan

Please submit the Student Welfare Section “Change-of-address Form” (PDFWord)within a week of your change of residence.

For necessary procedures when leaving JAIST after completing programs or for off-campus research, please refer to this page

For Nomi-city website and websites of the cities near JAIST, please refer to this page.