Student Life

Extracurricular Activities

(1) Clubs

There are various student clubs authorized by JAIST and most of the club activities are held in sports facilities in Nomi-City.

The validity of the club ends at the end of March of the fiscal year. Reapplication is required to continue the club activity for the next fiscal year.

(2) Sport and recreational equipment rental

A variety of outdoor and sporting equipment is available for rent at the Student Affairs Department in order to promote the health and extracurricular activities of students.
The rental of the equipment is as follows:

Check-Out & Return Times: 9:00 – 17:00 (Monday – Friday)
(Except the year-end & New Year, and holidays)
Term: One week (Maximum)
(*As a rule, no reservation is accepted.)

Rental Equipment:

  • Camping equipment and accessories (tents, sleeping-bags, barbecue sets, cooler boxes, folding tables, parasols, water-proof sheets, outdoor cooking utensils such as cooking pans and pots)
  • Ski and snowboard equipment including boots & poles for skis, including boots for snowboard (Skiwear, snowboard wear, gloves and goggles are not included.)
  • Various ball game equipment ( baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis)
  • Mountain-climbing equipment (backpacks, transceiver (walkie-talkie))
  • Suitcases for travels
  • Golf equipment
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital camcorders
  • Bicycles (Mountain bikes and battery-assisted bicycles are also available.)

Rules & Regulations

  • The continuous rental of the same item is not allowed since monopolizing should be avoided. Longer than one week of interval is required for the rental of the same item.
  • Before it is returned, rental equipment should be cleaned in such condition as it can be immediately used by the next renter.
  • Subleasing is prohibited.
  • Bicycles need to be returned to the bicycle shed behind the building II of the School of Information Science. After returning the bicycle, the key should be returned to the Student Affairs Department.
  • Make sure to return the rental equipment by the due date, or you may be denied another rental the next time.
  • If rental equipment or facility is damaged or stolen while in rent, it should be immediately reported to the Student Affairs Department.

(3) Facilities in the local area

According to the user's guide and regulations, an individual or a group can take advantage of using cultural facilities (libraries and museums for example) and sport facilities (general gymnasiums, martial arts hall, workers' gymnasium, tennis court etc.) in Nomi- City or in the neighboring communities.
As the town exchange facility in relation to social education, there is the Friendly Center which is a regional exchange center to promote cultural activities and various events. There are increasing opportunities for JAIST students to participate in these activities and events in order to interact with regional people.
JAIST students have already joined various sporting events such as, tennis, kendo, table tennis, bowling, skiing, marathon or cultural activities such as igo (the game of go), shogi (Japanese chess), and piano concerts in the community. The circle of extramural activities which serve as a regional exchange has already been widely expanded beyond the scope of JAIST.

*The facilities in neighboring communities are posted on the Japanese webpage.