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Japan National Health Insurance (JNHI)/Japan National Pension System

Japan National Health Insurance (JNHI)

Japan National Health Insurance is an insurance aimed to mutual aid. The subscribers regularly pay for the health insurance according to one’s income, while some of the medical care expenditure will be paid by the JNHI. The target of this insurance is those who do not work or whose jobs do not provide health insurance.

When joining Japan National Health Insurance, please take your “hanko” and go to the local public office. Joining Japan National Health Insurance concerns your income and family members, therefore please ask the primary wage earners or contact the health insurance authorities.

People from overseas who are planning to study at JAIST Japan with “College Student” visa status are required to join Japan National Health Insurance plan.
Please complete the application for insurance at a local public office when you make a notification of place of residence.
* Please refer to this for the notification of place of residence.

Japan National Pension System

All registered residents of Japan aged 20 and over including foreign residents are required by law to enroll in the National Pension system and pay contributions. Please take necessary procedures at the local public office. You will need your Japan National Pension Booklet and “hanko”.

Students can apply for “Special Payment System for Students”, which is deferring the payment of national pension according to their annual income of the previous year. Please contact the local public office for the details.

Please refer to this for website of Nomi City and other cities near JAIST.