Student Life

HANDBOOK for Students


Chapter 1 Academics

  1. Courses
    1. Classes
    2. Class Schedule
    3. Syllabi
    4. Textbook
    5. Gakumu System (Academic Affairs System)
    6. Portfolio System
    7. Lecture Archive System
  2. Academic Procedures
    1. Credit Transfer
    2. Laboratory Assignment for Master's Students
    3. Study Programs
    4. Choosing Educational Programs for Master's Students
    5. Choosing Career Tracks for Doctoral Students
    6. Research Proposals・Dissertation Outline
    7. Minor Research Project
    8. Internship
    9. Absence and Withdrawal
    10. Fast-Track Degree Completion
    11. Long-term Study System
    12. Courses at Other Graduate Institutions
    13. Continuing on the Doctoral Program
    14. Supplemental Student Status
  3. Career Support
    1. Career Support Office
    2. Career Formation & Job-Searching Support Event
    3. Career & Job Counseling
    4. Support System for Career Formation and Job-Searching
    5. Career Support Office Website
    6. Use of Tokyo Satellite when you visit Tokyo for Job-Hunting

Chapter 2 Student Life in JAIST

  1. Student ID Card
  2. Issuance of Certificates
  3. Tuition Fee
  4. Scholarships
  5. Grants for Off-Campus Activity
  6. JAIST Student Temporary Loan
  7. TA, RA, and other employment
  8. Health Care Center
  9. PAS coupled with Liability Insurance
  10. Facilities on Campus
  11. Tennis Courts, Training Room, Ground and Gymnasium
  12. Borrowing Items for Students
  13. JAIST Student Club Activities
  14. Parking Lots, Bicycle Sheds, and Transportation around JAIST
  15. Postal Mail
  16. Garbage Collection
  17. Tutorial Service (for International Students only)
  18. Student Discount and Commuter Pass
  19. Private Housing, Comprehensive Renters' Insurance(International Students only)
  20. Emergency Procedures
  21. Lost and Found Item
  22. Other Precautions in Student Life
  23. Contact Information (Educational Affairs Dpt., Student Affairs Dpt., etc.)

Chapter 3 Medical and Health Care,Social Life

  1. Medical and Health Care
    1. Hospitals near JAIST
    2. When you get sick or injured…
    3. When Accidents or Incidents Occur…
    4. Protection against Disasters
    5. Possession of Narcotics
    6. Prevention of Harassment
  2. Residence and Registration Procedures
    1. Residence Registration
    2. Japan National Health Insurance (JNHI)
    3. Japan National Pension System
  3. Guide for daily living
    1. Financial Institution (Japan Post Bank, Hokkoku Bank, etc.)
    2. Postal Services (International Mail, etc.)
    3. Home Delivery Services
    4. Telephone
    5. Health Care
    6. Nursery Schools & Kindergartens
    7. Education for family (Elementary School, Junior High School, etc.)
    8. Culture / Sports Facilities
    9. Amusement & Recreation (Movie Theaters, Zoo, Ski Areas, etc.)

Chapter 4 Information for International Student

  1. VISA, Status of Residence and Residence Card
  2. Extension of Period of Stay
  3. Temporary Leave, Re-entry and Permanent Leave
  4. Change of Status of Residence
  5. Permission for Part-time Employment
  6. Leave of Absence, Revocation of Status of Residence and Deportation from Japan
  7. Inviting Family Members from your home country
  8. Bringing animal products into Japan from overseas
  9. Driving in Japan
  10. Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau Kanazawa Branch Office

Chapter 5 Tokyo Satellite(In Japanese Only)


  1. iPortfolio System Simple Manual for Student
  2. Guide for Self-Assessment System for Global Innovation Creativity
  3. Guide to "Study Plan / Record"
  4. URL List to download the forms
  5. How to Separate and Dispose of Household Garbage

List of Necessary Legal Procedures When Students Leave

Notice of Temporary Leave

Change-of-Address Form(PDF)    Change-of-Address Form(WORD)

JAIST Safety Confirmation System (ANPIC)

How to make JAIST Disaster Prevention Handbook