Student Life

Emergency Medical Agency Designated by JAIST

If you get injured or sick on campus, please follow the procedures below.
To conduct medical procedures promptly, the following medical agencies are designated by JAIST.

  • Apply first-aid and contact the Health Care Center and if necessary, one of the local hospitals.
  • Inform the Health Care Center/ hospital of the patient’s name, school, symptoms and cause of the injury/sickness. Please be sure to inform of the names of chemicals involved if the accident happened during a chemical experiment.

Medical Agency Designated by JAIST

Hoju Memorial Hospital

Adress: 11-71, Midorigaoka, Nomi 923-1226
Phone Number: 0761-51-5551

Tsurugi Hospital

Adress: No-1, Tsurugimitomachi, Hakusan, 920-2134
Phone Number: 076-272-1250