Student Life

Getting Student ID Card

  1. After receiving your Student ID card, check your information on it; Student Number, Name, Date of Birth, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry, Picture.
  2. Please read the details on the back of the card carefully.
  3. Functions of Student ID card;
    1. ① Proof of your JAIST studentship
    2. ② Library Card
    3. ③ Access to JAIST buildings (18:00-8:00, weekends and holidays)
    4. ④ Card key to laboratories
    5. ⑤ Card key to JAIST Student Housings (residents only)
    6. ⑥ E-payment by “Edy”, a form of prepaid e-money, *Regular students’ cards only.
  4. If you lose your Student ID card or have any problems with your card, please contact the Student Welfare Section, Student Affairs Department. You will be charged 2,000 yen for re-issuing a new Student ID card.
  5. When leaving JAIST after completing programs, taking leave etc. you must return your Student ID card to the Student Affairs Department.