修了生のAZIZ,Muhammad Reza Kaharさん(平成28年6月博士後期課程修了、情報科学、松本研究室、現在インドネシアスマトラ工科大学・講師)と本学松本研究室(セキュリティ・ネットワーク領域)との共同研究の結果をまとめた論文が、IEEEインドネシアセクションから論文賞を受賞しました。

 本論文は、IEEE Access(インパクトファクター:3.745)において発表されたジャーナル論文となります。AZIZ,Muhammad Reza Kaharさんは、2020年にも松本研究室との共同研究の成果をIEEE Accessに出版し、IEEE インドネシアセクションから論文賞を受賞しています。(詳細はこちらに記載されています。)

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Cheng, Meng; Aziz, Muhammad Reza Kahar; Matsumoto, Tad

" Integrated Factor Graph Algorithm for DOA-based Geolocation and Tracking," in IEEE Access, 2020 Issue 8, pp. 49989 - 49998

JAIST Repository

This paper proposes a new position tracking algorithm by integrating extended Kalman filter (EKF) and direction-of-arrival (DOA)-based geolocation into one factor graph (FG) framework. A distributed sensor network is assumed for detecting an anonymous target, where the process and observation equations in the state space model (SSM) are unknown. Importantly, the predicted state information can be utilized not only for filtering, but also for enhancing the observation process. To be specific, by taking the prediction into account as the a priori, a new FG scheme is proposed for GEolocation, denoted by FG-GE. The benefits are two-fold compared to the conventional geolocation schemes which do not use the a priori information. First of all, significant performance improvement can be observed, in terms of the root mean square error (RMSE), when severe sensing errors are suddenly encountered. Furthermore, the proposed FG-GE can achieve dramatic reduction of computational complexity. In addition, this paper also proposes the use of a predicted Cramer-Rao lower bound (P-CRLB) to dynamically estimate the observation error variance, which demonstrates more robust tracking performance than that with only fixed average variance approximation.

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